Log in to our online payroll system

With our online payroll system, you have the flexibility to handle all of your payroll and payroll reporting needs from any place at any time. We give you real-time access to all of your employee information, payroll data and reports. All of your entered data is stored securely on our servers in real-time, so there is no need for you to “transmit” your data in batches as with many other online payroll services. This allows you to perform your payroll operations from any computer with internet access at any time.

online-payroll-11Infinet Online Payroll Service includes:

  • Customized online payroll entry and reporting
  • Full or modified tax services
  • A dedicated payroll representative
  • Full access to your payroll and reporting history
  • Automated payroll options including Recurring entries and Quick Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Accruals, including sick pay and vacation
  • Instant access to pay stubs/earnings statements
  • On demand maintenance and ongoing support
  • 24/7 access to all online features

Access is controlled by User ID, password, SSL security, and application level security. You decide who has access to your account and what their level of access is.

Your data is backed up daily and updated instantaneously as it is entered. There is no need for you to back up your data, as with batch processing, since everything is stored and processed on our end.

Our system gives you unlimited access to all of your payroll reports and more at no additional cost. This gives you the ability to print out an old payroll register to check employee tax amounts or to print a year to date report to check annual company deduction totals. This is all done on-demand, with no need to wait a period of time before your report is ready.